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Walkout for sale in Chaparral

This incredible home backs onto a Nature Reserve and miles of trails!

It has a walkout basement.

The design is incredibly Zen.

We feel more calm after just looking at the pictures!

It was just listed yesterday.

A fantastic opportunity to live in Chaparral Valley.

239 Chaparral Valley Way SE

3 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

1810 square feet


239 Chaparral Valley Way - Just listed in Chaparral

There are so many great features in this house!

We’ve listed a few of them right here.

  1. Walkout basement!
  2. Backs onto Nature Reserve.
  3. Incredible, custom stone fire pit!
  4. Oversized windows everywhere.
  5. Calm, spa-like design throughout.
  6. 9 foot ceilings on the main and lower level.
  7. Full height cabinets.
  8. Quartz countertops.
  9. Gorgeous flooring throughout.
  10. Big bonus room.
  11. Upper floor laundry room.
  12. Lower level is unfinished!  Create your own space!

This is a really great house, in a prime location.

Let me know if you’d like to take a look! 403-604-0038

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If you’d like to get an evaluation on your house, fill out this form.

Questions?  Ask them right here.

I do lots of work in Chaparral and know the real estate market there very well.

I’d love to work with you and answer any questions you might have.

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This penthouse unit just came to market yesterday!

Wow!  It’s an impressive place.

And the price will surprise you.

This beautiful condo is less than $300,000!


#302 - 15212 Bannister Road SE

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

1121 square feet


#302 151212 Bannister Road - For Sale in Midnapore

You really do need to see this place to appreciate all it has to offer.

Text me at 403-604-0038 if you’re interested and you’d like to take a look.

Here are some of the highlights!

  1. Lake access is included!
  2. Lots of windows! This place is FULL of natural light.
  3. 11 foot vaulted ceilings.
  4. Stainless steel appliances.
  5. Big breakfast island.
  6. Corner fireplace in living room.
  7. Big private deck with BBQ hookup.
  8. 2 huge bedrooms.
  9. Massive, corner soaker tub.
  10. Condo fees include heat, water and lake access!

If you’re interested in this fantastic condo, let me know.

There is a big demand for units in this building and a penthouse suite won’t last long.

Click here to see all the condos for sale in Midnapore right now.

Want to see all the houses for sale in Midnapore?  Just click here.


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Chaparral Valley is a quiet community just west of the the Bow River.

It’s a very unique location in the river valley with a pastoral feel.

Chaparral Valley is also home to the Blue Devil Golf Course.

It’s got an 18-hole course and a 9-hole short course.

A great place for families to hangout!

This house was just listed in Chaparral Valley.

And it’s a BIG one!

Over 3100 square feet of living space!

254 Chaparral Valley Way - Just listed in Chaparral Valley Way

254 Chaparral Valley Way

5 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

over 3100 square feet of living space


This house is big, it’s new and it’s got a lot going for it!

Here’s a list of 254 Chaparral Valley Way’s best features.

  1. Open floor plan
  2. Very spacious rooms
  3. Amazing kitchen!
  4. Big island
  5. Gas range
  6. Granite countertops
  7. Fantastic master ensuite with his + her sink areas
  8. Big bonus rooms
  9. Upstairs laundry room
  10. Fully finished lower level
  11. Great deck with built in seating.

If you’d like to see this house, give me a call or text at 403-604-0038.

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I’ve been seeing a trend!

Many of my buyers have a new item on their Wish List.

A second sink in the kitchen!

It’s definitely a feature that’s becoming more and more common in new builds and renovated homes.

For some home buyers, it’s a necessity.

This article on Houzz talks about some of the benefits of having a second sink in your kitchen.

Why Having Two Sinks Is So Great

Everything in its place.

Having two kitchen sinks allows one to be the dedicated cleanup sink and the other to be the prep sink. With this division of sink labor, the space around each sink gains a designated purpose. Prep tools, bowls, colanders and appliances can be stored near the prep sink, while dishes, silverware, serving pieces and glasses can be stored near the cleanup sink and dishwasher. When you separate the cleanup zone from the prep zone, you improve traffic flow and organization.

Multiple cooks in harmony.

Another benefit of having two sinks is that multiple cooks can work in comfort simultaneously. With only one sink, prepping and cleanup activities all take place in the same location, creating a cramped work area no matter how expansive your kitchen is in square footage. Two well-placed sinks eliminate this problem.

Efficiency for solo chefs.

The two-sink setup also works better for a soloist. It prevents dirty dishes from getting in the cook’s way or from forcing the chef to stop in the middle of a task to clean out the sink so that it can be used. Instead, dirty dishes go in the designated cleanup sink instead — and the cook(s) can keep right on cooking.


1. Prioritize the Prep Sink

When planning your kitchen, it’s critical that you give the prep sink the best real estate in the room. That’s because you probably spend more time chopping and prepping food than you do rinsing dishes.

If you want a social kitchen, put the prep sink on the island. If you have a beautiful view, put the prep sink facing the window. When I make these suggestions, some of my clients object, because prioritizing the food prep sink may mean locating the cleanup sink so that they’ll be doing dishes in front of a wall. But remember, most dishwashing takes place after dinner when there isn’t much of a view anyway.

2. Know the Ideal Prep Sink Size

The most effective prep sinks are single-bowl, 16 to 21 inches wide, with a garbage disposal. The sink must be large enough to fit your largest colander and most frequently used pots and pans, without being so large as to waste important counter space. While the prep sink’s primary purpose is food preparation, you should also be able to comfortably wash a pot or pan within it as it comes off the stove. This allows the prep sink to function as a secondary cleanup sink after a large gathering.

3. Consider Counter Space

You’ll want as much room for food prep as possible. Four feet wide by 2 feet deep is the minimum continuous prep area you should have next to the prep sink. Ideally, I like my clients to have 6 to 8 feet. If you don’t have room for a 6-foot island, consider a peninsula instead.

If you’re locating your prep sink on an island, don’t center it in the middle. And if you’re placing the prep sink on a perimeter counter, don’t place it in the middle there either. Instead, put the sink to one side so that there is as much continuous counter space as possible.

Think about it: Even a modest meal for six requires two or more cutting boards, raw ingredients, containers, tools and small appliances. And if you are like me, there’s also a snack and some wine to enjoy while readying the meal. Whether you are preparing food, plating up or serving a buffet, these activities are easier to do on one large surface, instead of jogging from one too-small section of counter to another.

4. Stay in the Food Prep Zone

The prep sink belongs in the food preparation zone. You should be able to move from the fridge to the prep counter to the cooktop or range in a couple of steps, with no obstacles in between. So don’t put your prep sink on the opposite side of the kitchen from your cooktop or refrigerator, especially if there is an obstacle (like an island) between them.

If possible, island prep sinks should be located on the side of the island facing the refrigerator, but on the opposite end. This way, items coming out of the fridge have a clear counter on which to land, but they don’t clutter the prep zone.

As a side note, try to lay out the kitchen so that the path from the eating area — whether it’s an in-kitchen eating nook or a formal dining room — doesn’t cross the cooking zone. Having smooth, uninterrupted traffic flow is the most important element of functional kitchen design. You don’t want the person clearing dinner dishes getting in the way of your efforts to plate up dessert.

5. When Putting the Prep Sink on an Island

If you’re locating your prep sink on an island, it’s important to put it on the side closest to the range. If the prep sink is around the corner from the cooktop, then you are either wasting counter space and cramping your room, or you have to take several steps around the corner to get from the prep area to a cooking surface.

Here, it takes just a pivot to get from prep counter to cooking. This makes it much easier to monitor what is on the stove while you continue prepping.

6. Perimeter Spots Follow the Same Rules

You don’t need an island to enjoy the benefits of a prep sink. A galley kitchen still has room for two sinks. Notice that the cleanup sink is toward the entrance, keeping dirty dishes or well-meaning guests from getting in the cook’s way. The prep sink is comfortably close to the cooktop for easy transitions between prepping and cooking.

. Consider Prep Tool Storage

Since prep sinks function for before-meal preparation, you want to include shallow drawers nearby for your tools: knives, peelers, whisks, spoons, measuring cups and all your favorite gadgets. Small appliances like your food processor or rice cooker, mixing bowls, colanders and salad spinners can be stored in deeper drawers or rollouts underneath. This is the oceanfront real estate in your kitchen — make sure that everything stored here gets used frequently. If the potato masher comes out only at Thanksgiving, put it somewhere else.

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If you enjoy spending your summers on the golf course, take a look at this new listing!

It backs onto the Blue Devil Golf Course in Chaparral Valley!

167 Chaparral Valley was just listed on April 8.

It was built in 2014, so it’s in fantastic condition inside!

You’d be getting all the benefits of a new, up-to-date home, without the hassles of a neighborhood under construction!

167 Chaparral Valley Way

5 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

Almost 3200 square feet of living space!


167 Chaparral Valley Way  Walkout in Chaparral For Sale

Here are some highlights of this beautiful home!  

  1. Backs onto the Blue Devil Golf Course.
  2. Walk-through pantry!  - (so many people are looking for these)
  3. Quartz countertops.
  4. Top-of-the-line appliances!
  5. Convenient computer room on main level.
  6. 9 foot ceilings.
  7. Lots of windows with great views!
  8. Master bath has separate his/her vanity areas!
  9. Walk-out lower level!
  10. Bathroom + bedroom on lower level.
  11. So much living space in this house!

If you’re interested in this walk out, in Chaparral Valley, that backs onto Blue Devil Golf Course, give me a call or text at 403-604-0038.

If you want to see more homes with walkout basements in South Calgary, just click here.

Click here to see all the homes currently for sale in Chaparral.


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Take a look at his house that was just listed in Auburn Bay!  

Only $419,000 for almost 2000 square feet of living space in a lake community!

That’s a great deal.

102 Auburn Bay Crescent

4 bedrooms

4 bathrooms


102 Auburn Bay Crescent - Just listed in Auburn Bay

This house was just listed on April 3.

Right now in Auburn Bay, it takes an average of 43 days to sell a detached house.

At this price point and location, 102 Auburn Bay Crescent will probably sell quicker than that!

If you’re looking for a house in Auburn Bay, don’t delay.

Top features of 102 Auburn Bay Crescent:

  1. It’s in a lake community.
  2. So many windows!!
  3. Bright + open feel throughout.
  4. Stainless steel appliances.
  5. Granite countertops.
  6. 3-way fireplace on the main level.
  7. Big master suite.
  8. Bedroom and bathroom in lower level.
  9. Fully fenced yard.
  10. Huge composite deck in backyard!

If you’re interested in this house and you’d like to take a look, call or text me at 403-604-0038.

Are you interested in finding out how much your house would sell for?

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If you have any questions at all, you can ask them right here!

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March 2017 in Chaparral Calgary



Here’s the scoop on House Sales in Chaparral for March 2017.

These stats are for detached, single family homes ONLY.  

We did not include the stats for condos.


Houses Sold - 16

Houses Listed - 27

Total Houses on the Market - 38

Price of Typical Home - $465,200

Average Days on Market - 48


Take a look at these houses currently for sale in Chaparral right now!

115 Chapalina Mews

2182 square feet

3 bedrooms

4 bathrooms



115 Chapalina Mews, House for sale in Chaparral

This is a great house for a big family!

Here are a few of our favorite features of this home!


  1. Functional, open floor plan.
  2. Tile floors in main area + kitchen (so smart!)
  3. Top of the line appliances.
  4. 2 bedrooms + a bathroom in lower level!
  5. Big bonus room with corner fireplace.
  6. Incredible deck with built-in firepit.
  7. Garage ceiling is extra-high.
  8. Professionally built shelves in garage.

15 Chapman Circle

1857 square feet

5 bedrooms

4 bathrooms



15 Chapman Close, For sale in Chaparral



This house was just listed on March 30.  


It’s a VERY LOW price per square foot!  

The area average is $252,58 per square foot.

This house is $231,50 per square foot!  


If you’re willing to invest some time and a little money into this house, you’ll get an amazing return on your investment.


Here are some things we like about this house.

  1. It’s in a lake community!
  2. It’s on a quiet street.
  3. It has 5 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms!
  4. Big bonus room upstairs.
  5. Granite countertops.
  6. Stainless steel appliances.
  7. Central Air Conditioning.
If you're interested in seeing any of these houses, please give me a call or text at 403-604-0038.
If you'd like to see all the other houses currently for sale in Chaparral, just click here.
Chaparral bungalows are right here.
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Have you ever thought about putting a mirror in your kitchen?
It's definitely not something we see very often.
Mirrors are saved for bedrooms, bathrooms and the front entry.
When homeowners are designing their kitchen, it's all about function.  
The cupboards, the appliances, the backsplash....
Incorporating a purely aesthetic feature, like a mirror, is not even a consideration!
Our friends at Houzz are always full of great ideas and inspiration.
Here are some reasons that a mirror is the perfect accessory to your kitchen.
  1. It injects a touch of glamour into your kitchen.
  2. A mirror allows light to bounce around the room, making it a brighter space!
  3. A mirror will make your kitchen feel much more spacious!
  4. If it's put in the right spot, it will allow you to keep an eye on what's happening behind you while you wash dishes or chop veggies!  (moms of toddlers will appreciate this!)
  5. Use a mirror to reflect a favorite feature in your house. Maybe your back garden or a feature wall.
  6. If your kitchen is dark or cramped, a mirror or two really will transform the space!
Take a look at this slideshow from Houzz!  There are lots of great ideas and inspiration here.  Chances are you'll have a new mirror in your kitchen in no time!
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